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The climatic conditions experienced in the UK have proven to accelerate the infestation of algae and moss growth. The damage,over time, that moss can cause to your roof structure cannot be underestimated.

The majority of roof cleaning requests we get is for "moss removal". Homeowners are experiencing blocked gutters ,water ingress into the roof structure,tile damage along with heavy amounts of moss falling onto to ground floor level and complaints on the very unsightly appearance of the roof. Customers have recognised the benefits of a through moss removal and cleaning service followed by an application of a two coat protective coating.

The roof coating industry has seen significant advances in recent years with the introduction of coloured elastomeric roof coatings. These 'flexible' roof coatings come in a wide range of colours that really can transform the look of old and dirty roof tiles.

Smartseal™ Climashield Roof Coatings allow the roof to 'breathe,' allowing water vapour to escape, expelling moisture from the inside out. This ensures damp conditions don't proliferate on the roof, which would encourage the future growth of moss, algae, lichen and fungi.

The coatings also allow the tiles to 'flex,' expanding and contracting with heat and cold as they would do naturally. Not all coatings allow this and if this is the case, it can contribute to the tiles prematurely cracking.

Our latest ClimaShieldPro™ coatings also have heat-reflecting pigments which help keep the property cooler in summer.

The Climashield roof coating is also very effective at reducing colour loss from UV light and combined with the quality of the coloured liquid pigments used ensuring the depth of colour is retained within the tiles for many years to come.

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